Professional OBDII Diagnostic for You
Let your car smarter in the future
It is wireless advanced OBD device that integrates a complete scan vehicle tool technology.
Did You Know ?
Your Car is a Computer.
Whether your car is brand new or decades old, it has data hidden inside it about your mileage, gas usage, performance, and even its engine health.
Using Dr.Driver, you can decode the trouble code or MIL to let you know what kind of help your car needs. You can even share your scans with a mechanic or friend for discussion via email or social media. We've been designing dedicated iOS and Android apps for you and updating them to give you a clearer picture of your vehicle.
Complete Scan Tool
Its unique and advanced OBD interface, Dr.Driver enables you to conduct a complete scan of virtually every ECU in any vehicle.
Access Exclusive Data
Dr.Driver can be programmed to periodically scan the vehicle and retrieve valuable information. Keep vehicles in top-notch conditions!
How it works
Adapter plugs in under your dashboard
Driving data is synced with your smartphone
Keep tabs on everything in the new Dr.Driver app
Compatible with vehicles year 1996 and later and supports all the major OBD protocols:
  • SAE J1850-PWM
  • SAE J1850-VPW
  • ISO-9141-2
  • ISO 14230-4 Slow/Fast
  • ISO 15765-4 CAN
Works with 1996 and newer cars, SUVs, MPVs, mini vans and light trucks sold in the United States.
Smart your vehicle
Give you the more safety and worry less to be our goal forever.
  • Real-Time Location by Advanced GPS Navigation System
  • Detect Driving Behavior to avoid collisions
  • Soon, connected cars will become an integral part of smart cities, connecting your car to the cloud
V2X in the Connected Car of the Future
5G Automotive connectivityComing Now!
We will focus on build up latest device to connect the car to the environment (V2X), the cloud (telematics), and information for drivers.