Smart your vehicle
Give you the more safety and worry less to be our goal forever
Real-Time Location
Keep friendly on your car
  1. Real-time location tracking will help you find parking in the crowded downtown.
  2. Assist your bussiness team in managing the fleet so you can master the management of the vehicle and the most economical fuel consumption.
  3. Reduce the risk of car theft through advanced vehicle positioning systems and provide instant SMS notifications.
Crash Alert
Detect Driving Behavior to avoid collisions
With innovative models, you can write your own scripts to provide unique customization possibilities to accurately delect and report harsh braking, rapid acceleration and cornering events.
Service Notifications
Maintenance made easy
Get maintenance reminders, recall alerts and other service notifications via your mobile phone. You can even make an appointment directly through the app booking service.
Smart Home Integrations
Connect your car to your home
Help connect your car to your life smart home management, one-click business travel expenses and more by the cloud(telematics).
V2X in the Connected Car of the Future
5G Automotive connectivityComing Here

We will focus on build up latest device to connect the car to the environment (V2X), the cloud (telementics), and information for drivers

  • Connected cars are ideal for developing an ecosystem around the Internet of Things. We plan to connect to everything (V2X) - share information on many vehicles.
  • Soon, connected cars will become an integral part of smart cities, driven by 5G infrastructure and mobile devices.
  • Construct a complete car networking system and connecting your car to the everything.
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